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Here is the place for amazing Business Owners, Coaches and Consultants just like you, to develop VIDEO media marketing strategies which will result in greater visibility and sales for your business, products and services online.

Specialising in video marketing to help drive traffic to your business, particularly with the focus on using live video. You will learn:

  • How to build your influence.
  • Video presentation and confidence on camera.
  • Create a live video framework which builds audience engagement and interaction.
  • How to create fun, engaging short-form video content (Reels, TikTok, Stories).
  • How to confidently present your expertise and offers using video
  • Strategies on how to convert followers into buyers.
  • The blueprint for success with video marketing strategies to increase sales.

    Here is where you find a number of training tools, resources and courses to help you build your influence and create a greater impact on social media that will drive consistent results for your business. 

Available Products

Live Video Growth Tracker

Ready to take your live video game to the next level? The live video growth tracker simplifies the process of monitoring live video performance, giving business owners the tools they need to improve results.

Video Boss Academy Membership (VBA)

An Exclusive Video Marketing Membership for Creatives and Small Business Owners who want to learn how to use Live Stream and Video Content to build their visibility and brand on social media.

Lights, Camera, GO LIVE! Building Your Confidence and Online Presence with Live Video

Lights, Camera, GO LIVE! is a 5-part video course is designed to teach you how to confidently structure live videos and create highly engaged live-streams that boost views and your confidence to go live!

Live Video Toolkit (PDF Workbook)

The Boss It Live Toolkit is an essential guide to helping you get started using live video with confidence. Download your copy today for $7!

Lights, Camera, Confidence: Mastering the Art of Live Video (FREE COURSE)

Are you ready to shine in front of the camera and captivate your audience like never before? This (FREE) short course on mindset and camera confidence will help you overcome your fears so you start to consistently go live with confidence.

The Lead Magnet Launchpad: From Idea to Execution in Just 30 Days

A course designed to help you create and promote a new free offer (lead magnet) for your target audience with clarity and a roadmap that will help you generate leads with ease!

1:1 Strategy Sessions

Do you need a strategy to help you build a framework for success with your video marketing strategy? Then this 90 minute 1:1 strategy session is for you, designed to help you build your brand and online presence to generate more leads and sales.

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