Go Live in 5: Live Video Challenge for Instagram and TiKToK Creators

Are you READY for the 'Go Live in 5' Five Day Live Video Challenge for Instagram and TiKToK Creators?

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If you are a Small Business Owner wanting to:

Grow an Audience and Build Relationships that Convert to sales using Instagram and/or TiKToK Live the 'Go Live in 5' Five Day Live Video Challenge will help you get started in your journey to nurturing your followers from general interest to loyal super-fans!

I am READY for a Live Video CHALLENGE! 

If the Answer is YES! then the 'Go Live in 5 Challenge is for you. In just 5 days you will learn how to:

  • Face your fears of being visible on camera.
  • Up your live video presentation skills.
  • Confidently going live on a consistent basis.
  • Create an experience that your community loves and values.
  • Go live with ease!

Ok I am READY To Do This

This Challenge Is Definitely For You If:

  • You want to become live video and camera confident.
  • You are an Introvert and/or camera shy, and the FEAR of pressing LIVE stops you every time.
  • You want understand how to go live to build an audience.
  • You want to sell with ease.
  • You want to start using live video to build a community and position yourself as the 'go to' expert.

Live video is the perfect way for you to share the opportunity of your business and brand in a unique way, to build influence, trust and secure those all-important leads and gain new clients.

Then sign up TODAY!

At the end of the 'Go Live in 5' Live Video Challenge you will:

  • Come away feeling more confident and READY to go live more consistently.
  • Understand the key components of going live on social media authority so that you makes sales.
  • Understand the effectiveness of being more visible on social media through live video.
  • Grow your audience.
  • Be consistent.
  • Know how to use live video to generate leads and sales.

I am In. Let's Do This!

The Live Video Industry continues to grow in popularity as more content creators and brands consume and leverage live video for their businesses. Here are a few live video STATS you should know:

  • Live video is expected to be valued at 184.3 billion by 2027.
  • 82% prefer live video from a brand to a social post.
  • 63% of Millennials watch live video content regularly.
  • 80% of consumers prefer watching a live video to reading a blog.

Meet Previous Challengers:

Meet the Go Live in 5 Challenge Creator Janine Cummings 

Janine is a Live Video Strategist who helps her clients leverage video marketing to increase visibility and sales.

Janine also teaches how to use social media to drive traffic to products and services, particularly with the focus on using live video which she teaches with a simple but effective steps to achieve the client’s objective.

Janine has a combined following of approximately 50k+ across her social platforms and has reached millions. Her blueprint for success 


Is Go Live in 5! right for me? Yes, if you want to learn how to use Live Video consistently on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube  consistently and effectively to help grow your followers, start generating leads and sales.

I’m not very confident in using live video or social media in general. Is this right for me? Absolutely. This challenge has been designed to help you be more confident using live video and will help you to create content without the overwhelm in fun, creative ways.

I am already quite confident with live video. Why should I sign up? Each social media platform is different and so your strategy and approach to sell will be different.

I don't yet have a huge following. Is this right for me? Absolutely! The strategies taught will prepare you for connecting with your audience, building a community and selling even with a small audience.

Do you issue refunds?: Once you have signed up all sales are final. There are no refund issued.

7 Modules

Challenge Workbook and Questions

This workbook is designed to support your learning during the 5 day challenge and can also be used after the challenge is completed. 

The Purpose of a Power Intro

Learn the key steps to introducing yourself as an authority whenever you go live!

Got a questions? Drop it below or post inside the LinkedIn Challenge Group 

Understanding the Brand Story

What's you story? Learn how to engage your audience through storytelling when using live video.

Got a questions? Drop it below or post inside the Facebook Group 

Understanding what are Calls To Comment (CTC)

Why should you care if your audience comments during a live broadcast? Here we will breakdown the purpose of engaging comments.

Got a questions? Drop it below or post inside the LinkedIn Challenge Group 

Understanding how to effectively use Calls To Action (CTA)

What are Calls To Action and why do they matter during a live session? Here we breakdown what they are and why CTAs are important.

Got a questions? Drop it below or post inside the LinkedIn Group 

Understanding what is a Power Outro.

A powerful closing statement is equally as important as a live opening. In this session we discuss why.

Got a questions? Drop it below or post inside the Facebook Group 

Modules for this product 7
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