Live Video Toolkit (PDF Workbook)

The Live Video Toolkit is your essential digital guide to helping you plan out your live video strategy with ease and is designed to help you go live with confidence. It will also help you to create a framework that teaches you simple steps to keep your audience engaged on your live-streams.

What's included in the toolkit:

PART 1 – What Live Video Equipment to Use

Want to know how to improve the quality of your live streams so that your audience has the best experience possible whilst watching your content? This sections includes some basic bur essential equipment that will not blow the budget.

PART 2 – A Content Planner Template

This PDF resource will help you map out your content strategy giving you a visual guide that will help you to create consistent content.

PART 3 – A Content Strategy Checklist

This is designed to help you keep track of the key elements to your live video strategy.

PART 4 – A Power Intro Checklist

A guide to your 30 second live video introduction that is the 1st part of your live video framework.

PART 5 – A Power Outro Checklist

A guide to your 30 second  live video closing statement of inspiration and call to action.

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