How to Lead as an AUTHORITY with Live Video MASTERCLASS

Do you want to learn how make your live videos on TiKToK, Instagram or any other social platform more engaging for your audience? Then this is for you! This training will teach you the key steps to set yourself apart as a leader in the the live video space, as you market your products and services, whilst building relationships with your community.

Live streaming should be fun and interactive whilst educating your audience. You should also feel empowered and confident going live, instead of confused on what to say, how to engage your audience or even full of FEAR.

How to lead as an AUTHORITY with Live Video is going to help you get set up and started with live streaming, taking away the overwhelm whilst helping you to understand how to better structure your live video content. So sign up and get started today!

What's included in How to Lead as an AUTHORITY with Live Video training:

  • x1 Video Training (35mins)
  • x4 Audios
  • PDF Workbook


Is How to Lead as an AUTHORITY with Live Video for me? Yes, if you want to learn how to create a live video framework that you can use on any social media platform

I’m not very confident in using live video or social media in general. Is this right for me? Absolutely. This has been designed to help you be more confident using live video.

Is there any 1:1 support? No, not for this video training. However, there will be opportunities to join the group coaching program with a discount if you sign up for this training.

Do you issue refunds? No, there are no refunds for this program. All sales are final.

Meet Janine Cummings

Janine Cummings is an Author, Video Marketing Coach and the Founder of Video for Bosses™. She is passionate about coaching and empowering Small Business Owners and Content Creators in building a strong and cohesive marketing strategy on social media with video. Janine has a combined following across social media of over 50K and is a known industry leader particularly in the live video space, and has built an international client base since starting her business in 2017.

Janine teaches service based business owners how to show up with confidence on camera, and strengthen their messaging and marketing through video. Janine offers this thorough 1-2-1 Coaching, Online Courses, Group Coaching and a Monthly Membership. Janine helps her clients build a loyal community of followers who convert into paid customers by teaching practical and actionable steps for implementation, growth and success. Janine is passionate about helping women share their message more powerfully through video marketing and believes that creative video content that embodies great storytelling and is high value in its delivery has the capability to change people’s lives.

3 Modules

Video Training Session

A live training session breaking down the key steps for creating a live video framework with confidence which you can apply to going live on any social media platform.

Audio Trainings (x4)

Want to listen to the video training on the go? Here you will find the audio alternative with each session lasting no linger than 10 minutes.

PDF Workbook

Your PDF guide which is a framework for helping you to create your first Live Video Power Intro!

Modules for this product 3
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